Self-Resilience Mastery

by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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4 Sessions of 90 minutes each

Being resilient is the quality of being able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems. Self-Resilience Mastery enables to stay resilient even in apparently unresourceful conditions.

About Course
Imagine what it could mean for you if you were self-resilient. What consequences could be your present realities in such circumstances?How could this state help or affect you.

Being resilient at work and business environments can allow you to take appropriate decisions and in time. Staying resilient in relationships can make you see through situations and intentions of people. Enhancing your clarity and securing your position and holding your stand is critical for leadership and management thought leaders.

What You Will Learn?
- What makes you truly resilient individual
- How to have complete clarity
- How to stay congruent to your values
- - NLP+ Lifestyle practices to gain Self-Resilience Mastery
- Your context specific goals and achievable

To achieve and maintain Self-Resilience Mastery.

Our Approach
NLP, NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching, NLP+ Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT), Psychorientology, Psychocybernetics, Psychoneurolinguistics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurosemantics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Multiple Brain Integration.


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Material Includes

- 6 hours on demand video / audio
- 4 articles
- Unlimited downloadable resources
- Full time access to training
- Certificate of completion

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Target Audience

If YOU are self-dependent for success.
If YOU are worried about your future. And you want clarity.
If YOU want to be happy and free.
If YOU are financially weak and want to get out of the vicious circle.
If YOU want to be financially independent.