[ About The Founder ]

Shantanu Das Sharma


Neuromind is an outcome of my life’s passion with purpose. What I found at the pinnacle of my IT career in Singapore is that I am successful but unfulfilled. This came as a shock to my existence.
And I paused.
Then I explored the following.
How to build a life of success with fulfillment?
How to create a life with responsive living practices? 
How to apply awareness as the default operating driver? 
How to reach a state of super genius applying all practices that must be adopted to actualize human potential?

[ NLP+ Lifestyle ]

Our Philosophy



Neuromind’s vision is to train and enable individuals as ethical master influencers practicing conscious NLP+ Lifestyle practices by holding space for them to evolve & adopt responsive living practices with congruent Thought, Language, Attitude, Behavior & Action (Thought LAB-A) to their elicited core values.



Our mission is to train & develop master influencers in career, business & life to make an effective difference to the world in which they grow, work and live by practicing conscious Thought LAB-A philosophy.

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I embrace congruently living out of my core values. And I believe that such a living practice creates the most desired culture in business and in the world today. The principle values that I promote in my clients and challenge myself to live are the values of purity, integrity, trust, honesty, freedom, commitment, courage, support, growth abundance & love. Commitment is central to all that I do and I offer you my commitment at every level of my engagement with you for your growth & success with sense of fulfillment in life.


I believe that we all have a unique way of processing our experiences based on our models of the world. And that we respond through a unique set of thoughts, languages, attitudes, behaviors & actions (Thought LAB-A) that constitutes our human expressions. I trust that it is our responsibility to manage our learning with awareness in such a way that we are conscious at every moment of our choice of that set of language, attitude & behavior in our expressions. We operate our life based on our Thought LAB. And it creates consequences and those in long term create our destiny. I believe that every resource that we may ever want is within us right at this moment and it is through the ways that we may choose to guard and nurture our minds, we can access and apply them most effectively, essentially & appropriately. And we can flip to focus on resourceful memories by conscious choice & intent.