Self-Image Mastery

by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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4 Sessions of 90 minutes each

We concentrate here on the consciousness of 'me' before language is used. Now we arrive at our social core, while helping us escape all the complex definitions of terms like 'identity', 'self, 'ego' and 'myself'.

About Course
Since self-awareness is always with an individual, his subjective experience forms an ongoing context. This consistency leads to a high degree of familiarity but that is unconscious. We are still ourselves, in other words, but that's so natural that we just remember only when something's wrong.

Social Panorama based strategic intervention procedures.

What You Will Learn?
- General Diagnostics of the Awareness of Self
- Guideline for the exploration of self-awareness within a context
- Reference points of self-awareness
- Diagnosis of a weak experience of self
- Missing Kinesthetic Self
- Missing Connection
- Missing Self-Image
- Negative Self-Image
- Making Images of others bigger or bringing them nearer and its effects
- Improvements by Direct Suggestions
- General Finishing-Off process after a changed experience of Self

To reconstruct self-image and eliminate self-image related concerns or issues.

Our Approach
NLP, NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching, NLP+ Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT), Social Panorama Model, Mental Space Psychology, Conscious Music Code, Psychorientology, Psychocybernetics, Psychoneurolinguistics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurosemantics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Multiple Brain Integration.


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Material Includes

- 6 hours on demand video / audio
- 4 articles
- Unlimited downloadable resources
- Full time access to training
- Certificate of completion

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Target Audience

If YOU are self-dependent for success.
If YOU are worried about your future. And you want clarity.
If YOU want to be happy and free.
If YOU are emotionally weak and want to get out of self-doubt.
If YOU want to be emotionally independent.