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by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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Customizable sessions of one hour or in multiple of an hour

NLP+ Excellence Intervention Sessions for Enhanced Personal Effectiveness

NLP encompasses the most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language, and programming. People of this nation and of this new emerging world today need enlightened leadership for sure to create such greater human experiences, and they deserve that. We must be able to talk about the greatness of this nation, as of today and tomorrow, not as yesterday. That is only possible when we equip ourselves in such a way that we ourselves are never an issue, there could be issues in the world, but let it be that – 'I am not an issue ever.' This is what we seek to achieve during these individual productivity enhancement sessions for you in relationship, carrier& leadership. This is applying NLP+ Lifestyle practices to get you plugged into your future.

Get Results Today – Not a Decade Later

Shantanu is available for individual sessions via Zoom, Skype, as well as in-person in Kolkata, India. You can book on hourly basis. His approach is a blending of a full range of NLP & Neuro Linguistic Psychology methods, Excellence Intervention Technology, Mental Space Psychology Applications, Sub-Conscious Mind Programming Processes, Brain Coaching and other newer methods for coming to deeper harmony within ourselves and with our world. He brings his insight, compassion, and sense of humor to client’s situation and their elicited values and congruent goals as they explore what they want and how they choose to unfold.

"I work with individuals to help them achieve their goals, change unwanted behavior, eliminate limiting beliefs, and gain control over different aspects (career, health, relationships) of their lives."

Would I benefit from Life Coaching?

• Are you living the life you really want?

• Would you like to believe that you can achieve anything?

• If you had more confidence do you believe that you could have achieved more?

• Would you like to have more positive thoughts?

• Would you like to believe in yourself more?

• Would you prefer to spend more time with your family?

• Is there something you would change if you just knew how?

• Are you frustrated at not being able to achieve your full potential, and excel in life?

• Would you like to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in different areas of life?

• Would you love to be more focused and motivated?

• Do you have the desired work & life balance?

• Are you seeking a career change or an improvement in how you work?

• Does your relationship need more attention?

Would you change these things if only you knew how?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then Life Coaching could be the way to make real changes.

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