Core Value Mastery

by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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4 Sessions of 90 minutes each

Values are like internal compass of an individual. It helps to align, direct, show an individual what is most important to his or her being. It makes a person congruent to operate from a internal sense of priority.

About Course
Values are concepts or beliefs or thoughts you hold in your mind that has meaning for you. It is like a compass that directs your life. Values motivate, demotivate and justify behavior. And difference in values has always been the major cause of conflict in the world. This training program helps to elicit your core values from underneath your sub-conscious to your waking state of conscious mind.

As the core values get elicited, they need to be anchored. So stacked procedures are applied to install the values back to sub-conscious mind such that they can be organically retrievable at any instant of your waking state of consciousness. And that the values are stored as your inner resources.

What You Will Learn?
- Your Values
- Your Core and Secondary Values
- Installation of Core Values in Sub-Conscious
- Congruent Living Practices
- Choose Thoughts, Language, Attitude, Behavior & Action commensurate to Core Values

To have complete clarity of intent and reach a harmonious relationship with self.

Our Approach
NLP, NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching, NLP+ Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT), Psychorientology, Psychocybernetics, Psychoneurolinguistics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurosemantics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Multiple Brain Integration.


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Material Includes

- 6 hours on demand video / audio
- 4 articles
- Unlimited downloadable resources
- Full time access to training
- Certificate of completion

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Target Audience

If YOU are self-dependent for success.
If YOU are worried about your future. And you want clarity.
If YOU want to be happy and free.
If YOU are financially weak and want to get out of the vicious circle.
If YOU want to be financially independent.