Certified Systemic Thinker

by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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3 Sessions of 60 minutes each

Systemic thinking is one of the superior skills of a Super Genius. The ability to understand the cumulative impact of multiple dynamic processes working together is systemic thinking capability. The ability to understand each single component's functional performance, including its effect and impact on the other system components is very essential before any new decisions are implemented. Without systemic thinking you could fix a small problem but build a bigger issue somewhere else and not knowing about it even after it affects you.

About Course
Along with cutting-edge implementation that is almost real time and instant, we add Systemic-Thinking to Personal Evolution. This carefully includes a person's current strengths, their current eco-system, along with past trends, and offers a solution that in the most healthy and ecological yet accelerated way extends their particular rarity.

The impact of learning or installing systemic thinking in competence of few of the personas as per below are here. The competence raises your awareness about related areas of impact with higher clarity.

For example, in order to adequately understand the complicated complexities of the otherwise intangible impact of the different departments, a CEO needs systemic thinking and also such ability equips him to make assumptions and decisions that can lead to exponential changes with minor corrections and adjustments.

In order to ensure the correct impact of his actions on the character growth and emotional intelligence of the child, a father needs systemic thinking to consider the balance in his dealings with his children.

A wife who appreciates systemic thinking will create the home in which she moves without sacrificing on her own growth, which becomes important for her, as well as her children's character development, emotional independence and happiness.

What You Will Learn?
- Identify the systemic forces that keeps the current culture, performance (positive or negative)
- Most fundamental shifts that will produce superior results across all directions
- Culture of accepting ownership
- Building rapport with NLP+
- Building & demonstrating trust
- Perceptive & Decision Filters
- Communicator Oriented Thinking & Communication
- Wholesome thinking

To achieve a wholesome balance at work and family.

Our Approach
NLP, NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching, NLP+ Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT), Psychorientology, Psychocybernetics, Psychoneurolinguistics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurosemantics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Multiple Brain Integration.

`15000 `10000

Material Includes

- 3 hours on demand video / audio
- 4 articles
- Unlimited downloadable resources
- Full time access to training
- Certificate of completion

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Target Audience

If YOU are self-dependent for success.

If YOU are worried about your future. And you want clarity.

If YOU want to be happy and free.

If YOU are financially weak and want to get out of the vicious circle.

If YOU want to be financially  independent.