by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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3 Sessions of 60 minutes each

Capability development and mindset shift has a pronounced impact in recreating environment around you. It all initiates with proper thoughts. An empowered thinking is such a thinking which has an ability to think about thinking. It is an ability of meta-thinking which can show us a way in any context of life, work & career.

About Course
An individual persona is created based on his or her Thought-Language-Attitude-Behavior-Action-Consequences cycle. Idea here is to train an individual to understand how the entire sequence operates and how it can be enhanced in most useful way.

We use and apply empowered thinking’ as an avenue to float mastery into your life. Mastery is poly-contextual in nature. If you achieve mastery in any one context, it is bound to flow into other contexts of your life. So you begin a journey of excellence by learning how to perform as an empowered thinker.

What You Will Learn?
-Dissociated Vs Associated Thinking
-Empowered Thinking

To gain mastery over life by creating conscious references in every waking moments of human life. To impact quality of life in useful ways.

Our Approach
NLP, NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching, NLP+ Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT), Psychorientology, Psychocybernetics, Psychoneurolinguistics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurosemantics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Multiple Brain Integration.

`15000 `10000

Material Includes

- 3 hours on demand video / audio
- 4 articles
- Unlimited downloadable resources
- Full time access to training
- Certificate of completion

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Target Audience

If YOU are self-dependent for success.
If YOU are worried about your future. And you want clarity.
If YOU want to be happy and free.
If YOU are financially weak and want to get out of the vicious circle.
If YOU want to be financially independent.