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by | Shantanu Das Sharma
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Customized session of one hour or in multiple of an hour


NLP+ Excellence Intervention Sessions for Enhanced Leadership & Faster Pace Legacy Accelerator Annual Membership

There is no human being who in normal states of existence ever thinks he never know how to live. Everybody knows how to live in their limited situations. It is only when you want to constantly expand into larger spaces of life, career and business, you may want to have larger dimension of creating things around you and that is when feeling of inadequacy comes to individual awareness. The situation alone is not the challenge. Your own ability to enter and to be in that challenging situation with a sustainable good state of mind often becomes a challenge. And this is an opportunity to acquire the competence &resilience to maintain a consistency of your mental state. And fast-pace your legacy in your space of work & leadership.


Now what's this worth to you?

Enabled EIT

Excellence Intervention Technology allows business evolution through diverse industries, from enriching the quality of love and happiness in a family, to the culture in an enterprise, to uncovering people and industry secrets that allow positive disruption. From physicians in the introduction of preventive medicine, to the solution of psycho-somatic problems, to the acceleration of creativity in hi-tech R&D, the best way to improve effect is to evolve people.

Personal Evolvement

In order to produce one-on-one stacked installations that contribute to Personal Evolution in Compressed Time, we have the world's largest ecosystem. This is accessible for motivated people who are committed to constantly developing with depth and hitting the next league of experiences in life. To save you decades of life, explore our range of solutions.

Unsettling Legends

In Legends, we take a particular interest. People who have been positively disrupting the way the world works. People like Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie. If you are a disruptor, Shantanu will work with you individually, compressing your impact agenda, while allowing your personal excellence, wellbeing, relationships, environment, and your drive to impact the world unconsciously to be incorporated.
We Develop technology at Neuromind to design and fast-track personal evolution towards self-actualization.
The most innovative approach for predicting life outcomes, interrupting unconscious habits and 'installing' new capabilities in people is Excellence Intervention Technology.
The time-compression effect of these systems is so exponentially unfolding that in 2-3 years an individual accomplishes what would otherwise have taken them decades.

Neuromind's Faster Pace Legacy Accelerator Annual Membership

Precise and targeted change through Neuromind’s Excellence Intervention Technology. This is retainer fee based targeted coaching & consulting services. Neuromind’s direct implementation is for those desirous for fast scaling business & driven performers only. A comprehensive consultation is mandatory before engagement.
2 Sessions x 52 weeks = 104 sessions × 2 hrs = 208 hours of Specialized Faster Pace Legacy Accelerator coaching & mentoring available today! A very special pricing is offered for those who successfully completed Level 4 Certification with NLP+ Lifestyle Track.

Lead Now – Learn How?

So when you are governing people, and you are expected to leave a legacy behind by being your best version, everything that we do, every thought that you generate every emotions that you have, every action that you perform, is potent to impact that many people. When you have such a privilege in your hand, which is called as leadership, if you recognize that the work that you are doing is very important, first thing is that you must work upon yourself. Because without enhancing who we are, what we do will not get enhanced. This is an Eco space where you or your team chooses toget trained or coached to achieve yourmost desired outcome in career, work and life with attitudinal developments and targeted installations using Neuromind’s cutting edge Excellence Intervention Technology.

Business Coaching, Mentoring and Executive Coaching for CXOs, HODs and senior thought partners provide positive support to an individual or to a group to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting. Coaches work their clients towards specific professional goals: Interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, personal changes, dealing effectively with conflict, rapport building, feedback, and building an effective team within an organization. Business coaching includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching.

Business Coaching, Training& Mentoring is becoming increasingly important, as companies have realized that the only way to keep their best people is to invest in them, to develop them, and Business Coaching is the best way to do this. Business Coaching keeps the inspiration going, and has lasting results for the organizations with customized & consistent knowledge update for the individual as per changing complexities & challenges.

If you are an Executive in an organization or an Entrepreneur committed to increasing your or your team Performance and Business Results, I look forward to working with you and your team. Contact me today, and start your journey towards achieving your dreams by effective Business Coaching, Training & Mentoring.




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