Why Neuromind

SIX Competitive Advantages


We live in a world where a lot of people are operating from an entitled place, a lot of people are thinking about themselves because they are coming from scarcity. A lot of people are more interested in applause and ego stroking than being sincere as a business person or a service provider. So the first thing is it is not really very common to someone who is really earnest, sincere, someone who looks you into the way and says ‘Here’s what I am going to do’ and actually deliver it. We deliver the deliverable with sincerity. It is more rare that we can imagine.


If you are not early you are late. We think in many ways punctuality is the trait of royalty. We do live in a world where people are overwhelmed, there are tremendous amount of complexity, and being early here is a game setter

  Over Delivery

We do live in a marketplace or operate in a marketplace where generally what you see people advertising is much more lofty and over promised than what you receive. It is really remarkable whether it is an airline or a hotel or some restaurants or maybe it’s a shoe store or maybe it’s a luxury good brand, they show you these pictures and they suggest that’s what you are going to get. And then when you actually get it, you are disappointed. And so over delivery simply means is under promise and in terms of value we deliver and the product we deliver and the user experience that you as our customer receive, we are a merchant of WOW! We give you so much value that we make doing business with us a mesmerizing and delightful experience. Our responsibility is to be a merchant of WOW!!!

  Promise Keeping

Again this is not something very common. And that’s why it is a gigantic competitive advantage that we have over many others. Because we are deeply aware that by not keeping promise we run the risk of eroding or reducing credibility with you as our clients. Breaking promises for us means not only losing credibility but losing your trust, faith, relationship with you ultimately.

  Honesty in Serving Clients

The most honest person in the marketplace always leads the field. We believe in setting a good relationship with our conscience. It is fundamentally important. Most business people, businessmen, empire makers play a very short game. They try to hash grab as much from as many people as quickly as possible. True legendary leaders and the true titans of industry are thinking instead of a very long game. They say ‘Yes we want to be world class but I want to own my domain for next thirty years or forty years or fifty years.’ They even think like the Japanese companies that how their reputation will be considered after one hundred years after they are no longer alive! That’s how we are poised to build a long game. We are interested in building loyalty with our clients, we are interested in building a brand that endures, and we are interested in building an iconic client service, so being incredibly honest is our only powerful way to operate.

  Ingenuity & Innovation

Ingenuity & innovation are absolutely essential which we accomplish by growing and optimizing our services and products. The value and the user experience that we deliver are instantly and constantly upgraded and revised ready for delivery at every instant. We relentlessly work on innovating our services especially when we are successful and when hoards of people and majority are doing business with us. We never want to rest on our laurels, never want to coast on our winning formulae, and we want to have the bravery and wisdom to break our winning formulae from time to time. It may not be an easy balance. But we are inclined to break our winning formulas to bring in fresh values from time to time. Because the market place rewards originality. The new that disrupts the entire industry because it’s so gloriously original.

And we keep striving to make our services better and better.

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