NLP + Lifestyle

What is NLP+ Lifestyle

  "Your conscious mind is the seed of your identity – it is your identity mind. And your sub-conscious mind is the seed of your habit – It is your habit mind."– Shantanu Das Sharma, International NLP+ Lifestyle Master Trainer & Coach 

The brain, and in fact any biological or social system, is organized into levels. Our brain has different levels of processing. As a result we can have different levels of thinking and being. When we are working to understand the brain, or to change behaviors, we need to address these different levels. The same thing will be true inside a business system where there are different levels of organization. 

From the psychological point of view there seem to be five levels that we work with most often.
The basic level is your...
1) environment, your external constraints.
2) You operate on that environment through your behavior.
3) Your behavior is guided by your mental maps and your strategies, which define your capabilities.
4) These capabilities are organized by belief systems, which are the subject of this work and
5) Beliefs are organized by identity. 

So when a person is experiencing difficulty, what you might want to know is whether this difficulty is coming from his external context, or is it that he doesn’t have the specific sort of behavior required by that environment? Is the reason because he hasn’t developed the appropriate strategy or map to generate that behavior? Is it because he lacks belief, or has a conflicting belief which interferes with his life or his outcome? Finally, is there any interference at the level of identity of the whole system? 

  NLP+ Lifestyle is our signature creation of a communication model and a lifestyle with enhanced NLP which fuses the brilliant outcomes of both conscious and the sub-conscious mind training. It is application of core NLP and augmented modalities to strategically slow down, intervene and elicit the unconscious (limiting behavioral/language) patterns to replace them with conscious and congruent patterns of excellence. NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching  is my signature certification program from practitioner to master trainer level. It is to effectively elicit individual excellence, performance acceleration & facilitation. Achievable at all five neurological levels or appropriate levels of change in ways which is congruent to the participant’s inherent personal values, sense of self and purpose. It ensures gaining optimum time leverage for professionals and individuals as participants to maximize their growth in minimum time to effectuate maximum consequences.