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About Dr. Lucas A.C Derks

Lucas A.C Derks Ph.D is a Social Psychologist, a scientific member of the board of the Society For Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) since 2012 and a fellow member of the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research since 2003.

From approximately 1970 onwards he developed an interest in psychology. He started his study in 1976 and obtained his master’s degree in psychology in 1982. His interest in NLP started when he came into contact with the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1977. This was the start of his voyage into this subject, and he soon followed an NLP Practitioner’s training and a master’s training in Nijmegen. He has been active as an NLP Therapist since 1982. In 1986 he decided to devote himself exclusively to NLP based practices. From 1993 onwards, he became involved in the development of a new method in the field of social systems: The Social Panorama. The connection between NLP and social psychology became his major activity over the last decade. In 2013 he started the Society for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) together with Robert Hemelaar and Rene Koppelaar. Their goal is to provide a platform for all people interested in the psychology of mental space and to facilitate scientific research into this exciting field. The general principles that give shape to the social panorama gave rise to Mental Space Psychology – Space as the primary organizing principle in cognition.

Note of Endorsement from Dr. Lucas A.C Derks

"To understand mental space psychology you need to be able to see familiar things in a very new way - in a way to peek through what has been always there around you - your unconscious cognitive projections around and in front of you. Ever since Shantanu saw this 3-D landscape he never escapes back to the old way of being caught up in words and language. And I could see that he is becoming his own creative developer of the new mental space paradigm."



About R Ramesh Prasad

Hello there, my name is R Ramesh Prasad and I am an International NLP Trainer & Coach. With a corporate background of two decade across food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking and a decade as an entrepreneur, I currently engage leaders, senior executives, community thought leaders as well as everyday people of influence, who are changing the world, using the versatile models, available through NLP aka Neuro-Linguistic Programming.   

My journey with NLP has been a transformational one. And I owe this to my teacher, mentor and now friend, SUE KNIGHT, who pioneered the application of NLP in Business and Work. Together we co-run the “Intensive model” thereby supporting individual access to high quality NLP Trainings in India. My work continues to take me to different parts of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, France, UK, and South Africa. 

As founder of ONEFLUENCER I bring to you the most inspirational NLP training courses in India. Starting from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training. There is also a lot of coaching in the work that I do and the way I choose to engage is by using some of the unconventional methods like clean language and provocative coaching. No wonder I am proud to say today ONEFLUENCER is a highly respected and sought-after destination, providing NLP led training and coaching for more than a decade. Indeed, a community of a thousand Practitioners, Masters & Trainers. 

I live with my wife Tulsi and daughter Gayanthika in Chennai. Tulsi holds the gift of giving and sharing in abundance and devotes her time following the rich cultures and values of traditional India in a way which I am truly blessed.

Note of Endorsement from R RAMESH PRASAD

"Only when you learn you can choose to share. And that is how Shantanu Das Sharma has always come about to me. A highly committed learner, willing to take risk, leaving his high paying job, to get into an area which is beyond engineering, Shantanu has this ability which few would dare to do. No wonder his patience, his consistency in showing up with the model that he has created has begun to give the fruit of all his hard labor. I met him for the first time when he began his NLP journey with me which continued for a while till he completed his NLP Trainer Training. And I found him to be a wonderful gentleman, a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable, travels that extra mile, excellent networker, quick to adapt. Shantanu is also a great example of living the rich Bengali cultures that he continues to demonstrate, as husband and father and as a son. To me that is what makes it humbling and worth modelling. A complete man.
I wish you all the best in all that you do Shantanu."