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TAGS: Self Improvement, Personal Mastery, Relationships, Breakup Recovery, Self-Control, Enhance Performance, Mental Clarity, Mental Health, Flow State, NLP Training, NLP Coaching, Crisis Management, Mental Strength, Coping Skill, Goal Achievement

Major situations need appropriate and effective solutions on the go. We have assisted several individuals to overcome the pain of career or relationship setbacks, partner separations, break-ups or divorce, loss from death and to restart with new relationship, career and obtain personal life mastery rapidly. Welcome to these exciting mastery level courses designed around advanced NLP applications for the newcomer to the field who is looking for more real-time application experiences to successfully manage or get over any crisis points in life. At these insight packed 3 session courses you will learn the core applications of NLP and how to apply NLP+ Lifestyle in different areas of your life to conquer & recover through trouble spots of human life.