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In 90 sessions, 180 hours Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Tri-Weekly (Self-Pacing Facility)

It’s not because we want to change things that we do it; we do it because it is the only thing we can do going forward, there is no other alternative.

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How 4T4L NLP+ Lifestyle Certification is Different?
Four Tracks (4T) of NLP+ Lifestyle Application Orientation (Pro/Biz/Gro/Coach) with integrated certifications in Four Levels (4L) of intense experiential NLP+ training is both specially and specifically customized and targeted for a participant for installing and adding appropriate resources for the individual as per an assessment for the desired state. Hence it is a very special offering from Neuromind NLP in India in groove with India’s lineage in spiritual psychology & collective consciousness practices towards self-actualization. This program supports individual’s growth & actualization needs specifically and uniquely to make their best version out of their present ones.

4 Advanced NLP Certification Training Portfolio
NLP+ Lifestyle Certification (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer, Master Trainer)

Level 1 – NLP+ Lifestyle Pro/Biz/Gro/Coach Practitioner Certification
Level 2 – NLP+ Lifestyle Pro/Biz/Gro/Coach Master Practitioner Certification
Level 3 – NLP+ Lifestyle Pro/Biz/Gro/Coach Trainer Certification
Level 4 – NLP+ Lifestyle Pro/Biz/Gro/Coach Master Trainer Certification